Friday, December 27, 2013

Snowy Goods and Services

I love how Caralyn Buehner’s snowmen books encourage kids to use their imaginations. When I came across her newest book, Snowmen at Work, I thought it could make a great bulletin board. After reading, we discussed the different jobs the snowmen had in the book and whether they were providing goods or services. Then I asked them to brainstorm other careers snowmen might enjoy. They were coming up with things like pop stars, basketball players, racecar drivers and wrestlers. Finally, I gave each student a template and a letter to take home explaining the project to their families. Students brought back their snow people dressed for a variety of jobs and I gave them all one of these cards to fill in the information about their creations.

I used a bulletin board with black paper and some snow-covered hills to show off these polar producers. I added work zone border and some icy gusts of wind (thank you, glitter glue) to complete the display.

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