Monday, April 8, 2019

Easter Egg Animals

If you’re like me, you have plastic Easter eggs tucked away somewhere… just in case. Since I started teaching I’ve tried really hard not to become a teacher hoarder (some years more successfully than others) and this means getting rid of things I haven’t used in years! So when I came across my leftover stash of Easter eggs, I almost got rid of them. Then inspiration hit and I made Easter Egg Animals!

My first thought was a bee. I used a black marker to draw on some stripes and a white pipe cleaner to make some wings. I tucked the ends of the pipe cleaners into the egg and when I put the two halves together they stayed nicely in place. Some googly eyes made the perfect finishing touch.

Then I picked up the pink egg and I knew it should be a pig! I grabbed a pink pipe cleaner and used some Krazy Glue to attach the legs. Two small pieces for the ears were tucked into the egg like the wings of the bee. This egg had tiny holes in both ends, of which I took full advantage. A curly tail went into one end and a thumbtack with the end cut off went into the other. To make it stay, I used a small piece of eraser on the inside. I love that it still has a hole under its nose so that it looks surprised.

With the green egg I had left, I made a frog. More pipe cleaners helped to make his feet and tongue while small white pompoms became his eyes.
Not only have I used these eggs as Easter decorations, but I’ve also used them to hide around the classroom and practice positional words, to inspire engineering projects and to serve as reading buddies for students.

If you have even more eggs leftover, you should do a Pinterest search on teaching ideas using Easter eggs. There are tons of other ideas. (I highly recommend the Easter egg word families or synonym and antonym egg hunt!)

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