Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Throw-out Thursday

Years ago I realized I was acquiring way too much stuff in my classroom. Storage was becoming an issue, not to mention I felt like I should be on an episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive! So I created “Throw-out Thursday.” Every Thursday, no matter what, I get rid of five things. They can be small or large - doesn’t matter. Just get rid of it! Some items need to be thrown away (like an old, wrinkly poster) while others can be donated to a new teacher or your prize box. Now I find myself looking forward to choosing five things as Thursday approaches. If this idea feels too overwhelming, then wait until spring when you may be more motivated to clean. I keep a laminated copy of this sign in my Thursday task/assignment basket so I won’t forget my goal. Before you know it, your classroom will be looking cleaner and more organized!

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