Monday, April 21, 2014

Good Behavior for a Buck

How do I know it’s spring? The flowers are blooming on the trees, the birds are chirping in their nests, and the students are bouncing off the walls. It’s time for a new behavior plan! I’ve done sticker charts, printable behavior charts, and reward coupons (which my class can’t get enough of this year!). Now it’s time for the kids to earn some cash.

I made each student a wallet using a piece of construction paper. First I cut it in half (9x6) and then folded it in half again (9x3). Finally, I taped up the sides and folded it in half one last time. Sometimes I leave the wallets a plain color, other times I decorate them. 
Buy or make some paper money to use as your classroom currency. Students have opportunities to earn dollars throughout the day. I give them out for things such as following directions quickly, working quietly, focusing intensely, or doing an outstanding job on an assignment. After students have had many opportunities to earn money, I provide chances for them to spend it! They can buy a trip to the treasure box, an extra snack, a book from the classroom library, etc. I love to use this as an opportunity to do some spring-cleaning in the classroom (if I’ve got something I haven’t used in the last few years that I think a kid would love, I put it up for sale).

What are your favorite behavior management techniques for the end of the year?

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