Monday, June 29, 2015

A Drink, A Dessert, An Idea

This year was like a roller coaster ride, speeding by, taking us through loops, making us scream, and ending with a sudden stop. It’s that sudden stop that always gets us. It’s hard to smile and wave good-bye to kids who are crying and turning around for one last look at you before they go. Sniff, sniff.

Don’t get me wrong, we like the two month break from new mandates, curriculum map changes, grading papers and TESTING, TESTING, TESTING. I especially look forward to going to the bathroom whenever I want.

But for these same two months we do miss our teaching lives. Who doesn’t love reading books to a captive audience of 21? Where else does this same group cheer when you come back from a 30 minute meeting down the hall? Not to mention my colleagues (Teacher BFFs?) are no longer within walking distance to where I am. Am I already having withdrawal?

Though we haven’t started brainstorming for next year yet, we know it will happen soon. So we want to share a few ideas to help you regroup and relax... for now.

Here’s a book that will give you great ideas and maybe even a creative outlet! 59 Reasons to Write: Mini-lessons, Prompts and Inspiration for Teachers by Kate Messner.
Check out this drink,
Eat, drink and be lazy! It’s your two months to do whatever you want. Savor every minute. Before you know it you’ll be locked back in your seat, bar across your lap, taking off for another thrilling ride.

Ann Marie

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