Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Open a New Chapter Book

Sometimes when we start a new chapter book we like to surprise our students. First we cover the book in wrapping paper, bulletin board paper, or even newspaper comic strips. We set the wrapped book out for all to see and the suspense builds. Students make predictions about the book’s title and subject matter. Sometimes they want to pick the book up and feel it or even shake it! We have a big unveiling, or rather unwrapping, after allowing the students a full day of guessing. Ooohs and aaahs are certain to follow. Don’t forget to reuse or recycle the paper!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Book Publishing Mini-Poster

Our students love to publish their own work. We make blank books by stapling together 3-5 pages of paper, plus a front cover. (A back cover is optional if your students want to add comprehension questions, a pretend ISBN number, etc...) We leave these blank books in our writing center. When students are there, or if they finish their work early, they can publish a fiction or nonfiction book of their own. You can provide a list of subject ideas, story starters, or even random clip art to jump-start creativity. When your students complete their stories they will be anxious to share them with the class. Sometimes they are so excited that they’ll forget crucial details such as their name or punctuation. We use this mini poster to prompt our students into creating more refined books.
The poster can hang at your writing center, in various spots around the room, or use our mini-mini sized posters to glue in writing journals for reference. Your students will be proud of their polished final products.