Thursday, May 30, 2013

Volunteer Appreciation Gift

We are always looking for the perfect gift to give our parent volunteers. No present ever seems to equal the time they donate to our classrooms. So why not pull their heartstrings and make a Volunteer Journal? Print out our prompts (both mom and dad choices available), or make your own, and buy a bound journal. Cut and glue the prompts to the top of each page. Then ask the child of the volunteer to respond to and illustrate each prompt. Write a personal note to your volunteer on the inside of the cover. Encourage them to continue writing in the journal with their child as the years pass. Expect tears!

1 comment:

  1. So as the recipient of this lovely journal... 12 years ago from my son (and his 1st grade teacher)....I can assure all teachers that this is a precious gift that just keeps on giving. And through the years as I have looked back through its pages... it reminded me of the innocence of childhood. My son will graduate this coming week and to have a piece of his childhood is like the credit card commercial says...PRICELESS!