Monday, September 3, 2018

Fun Ideas for Testing Time

We know what you’re thinking. How did Ann Marie and Erin ever think they could use the words “fun” and “testing” in the same sentence? Trust us, we have a plan. If you’re like us, you spend an overwhelming amount of time testing your students. Yes, there are standardized tests but what about other school system and state mandated tests, not to mention your own classroom assessments and screeners? Many times these tests must be given one-on-one; so what do you do with the rest of the students? We don’t want to distribute a bunch of worksheets to keep the students away from our testing area. Instead we came up with a list of ideas to keep our students challenged, entertained, and productively occupied.
Try some of these ideas and add your own. Testing occurs all year so grow your list until the last day of school. Then it will be time to make your own list for summer: Fun Ideas for Relaxing.

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