Monday, August 26, 2013

Can You Greet a Brand New Class?

Isn’t it exciting to meet your new students and learn about their diversity? Where Erin and I teach, we are lucky enough to have students each year that represent at least 7-10 different countries. One activity we enjoy doing is learning how to speak words (like hello, good-bye and thank-you) in their native languages. Sometimes the students are too shy to share, so we introduce the concept through this amazing book, Can You Greet the Whole Wide World: 12 Common Phrases in 12 Different Languages, by Lezlie Evans

The book teaches many common words and phrases in a basic, easy to learn format. It even includes pronunciations! Sometimes we use the book as an opener to morning meetings, exploring one new word each time. The book’s illustrations are vibrant and colorful and the students love trying to pronounce the words. Even if everyone in your class is a native English speaker, they will still want to try their tongues at something multi-cultural! Arrevederci!

Ann Marie

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