Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Handy Word Bank

Try this alternative to displaying thematic word banks on word walls, SMARTBoards or chalkboards. For each unit of study, write related words on 3X5 index cards and post them on a small corkboard. You can use colored index cards, add a thin border, background paper and even novelty thumbtacks for a real eye-catching look. Prop the board at a center, on a chalkboard ledge or in another appropriate spot when in use. At the end of each unit, remove the cards from the corkboard and store them in a labeled envelope until next year. Another option would be to laminate the cards and the envelopes and allow the students to use them at a center for review.  When the board is not in use, slide it somewhere out of sight. You’ll save precious space and be organized too.

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