Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Photo Welcome

Every year, we enjoy creating original welcome signs for our classrooms. Instead of using a store bought sign or computer print-out, try taking pictures spelling the word “Welcome” in unique ways. You can keep the same sign up all year or make one for each season or holiday. 

Here are some ideas:
*Candy (Peppermints for Christmas, candy corn for Halloween or just Skittles for anytime)
*Fasteners, like nails and screws (try spray painting them a bright color)
*Flat marbles
*Flowers (fake or real)
*Food (small crackers, grapes, pasta…)
*Leaves (especially in fall colors)
*Math counters
*Refrigerator Magnets
*Rocks/pebbles on a dirt background
*Sea glass
*Votive candles (nighttime picture)

Please let us know if you think of something cool to add to our list!

P.S. Print a 5x7 photo and put it in a frame so it will last longer!

**Update- We got the great suggestion to turn these into a postcard to welcome students to class on the first day. Here's what we ended up making. Keep the ideas coming!**

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