Thursday, July 18, 2013

Behavior Charts: A Year’s Supply of Classroom Management

Behavior management can be tricky for any teacher. There are many cute behavior charts out there, but if you’re not good at remembering to give students a sticker each day (like us!), you’re limited in your selection. A few years ago we decided to do something a little different and get students more involved in the process.

We give students their behavior charts, printed onto 8x5 index cards, and let them keep track of their own behavior. If we print one in full color, students cross out items on the card when they display incorrect behavior. If we print one in black and white they can color in the items when they display great behavior. Alternately, students can color the black and white choices for ownership of their behavior chart. In this case, they would cross out items for displaying incorrect behavior.

Since we love these charts so much we decided to share them with you. You can print out this kite behavior chart in color or black and white. These documents are set up to print 2 behavior charts on a full sized sheet of paper (we use cardstock). If you like it, please check out the others we’ve made!

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