Saturday, July 13, 2013

Quick and Easy Journal Responses

Try this efficient strategy for responding to student’s journal entries. Using blank address labels create and print comments you frequently use to give feedback on writing.  After reading a journal entry, stick an applicable comment to the page. Students will know you’ve checked their journal plus you save precious time.

Label comment possibilities:
Way to use your imagination!
So creative!
Love this idea!
Please extend this idea.
Great voice!
Your word choice is amazing!
Very strong character!
I would like to hear more about this.
Please try to be neater next time.
Lots of hard work here!

Use these in addition to writing your own personal comments when possible.


  1. I love the variety of teacher journal responses. I'll keep these ideas for the fall as this will help to personalize my comments. Plus, using a sticky note will help to not ruin their writing and/or illustrations.

    1. Sticky notes are a good idea! Check out this site (thank you Pinterest) that teaches you how to print onto post-it notes!

  2. What a great time saving idea!